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Who is Braze:

Braze is a leading comprehensive customer engagement platform that powers interactions between consumers and brands they love. With Braze, global brands can ingest and process customer data in real-time, orchestrate and optimize contextually relevant, cross-channel marketing campaigns and continuously evolve their customer engagement strategies.

How we work together:

With a passion for real-time data-driven marketing, Shaw/Scott helps clients implement or migrate to Braze. This mutual partnership continues with Shaw/Scott providing client support through enablement, implementation of Braze Alloy technology partners, day-to-day campaign support, as well as assistance with Liquid and Braze training.

Partner Solutions

Platform Migration

Working with Shaw/Scott ensures that you will be collaborating with a qualified group of certified Braze experts.


With multiple Administrator certified team members, we have the know-how to make your journey to Braze an efficient one while maximizing what is possible within the platform.

The Shaw/Scott advantage:

  • Certified Braze Administrators

  • Extensive technical expertise

  • Experience-personalizing content with Liquid

  • Effective project model for Braze implementation

Technical Engineering

When it comes to envisioning what is possible with Braze, our team of solution engineers are up to the challenge.  

We know firsthand how to execute intricate marketing campaigns in Braze and can help you create new campaigns or enhance the functionality of your existing programs and can make it simple for your team to add additional technologies to your stack.  

The right solutions for you:

  • Convert business needs into Braze functionality

  • Build and execute complicated journeys

  • Provide hands-on platform expertise

  • Assist in the addition of integrations to your Braze platform

Campaign Management

Shaw/Scott's team of expert Campaign Specialists help clients plan, create, and execute all types of email marketing programs. With expertise in advanced segmentation and platform functionality, our team has built complex campaigns with highly dynamic and personalized content for many top brands and completed them on time and error-free.


We partner with our internal award-winning creative, development, strategy, and analytics teams to ensure campaigns effectively engage with customers, achieve campaign goals, and drive the business forward. We believe effective campaigns require a cohesive approach that will engage customers and nurture relationships.

Client Work

Braze Migration


  • Support ~100 campaigns in 12 separate languages during Udemy’s migration from Responsys to Braze

  • Provide Udemy team with a user-friendly method to update copy across multiple languages outside of Braze


  • Develop structured email template converting RPL language into Liquid Script

  • Create a Connected Content Block to populate the copy in every language

  • Translated campaign copy is sent over by Udemy via AWS to the Connected Content Block in Braze

  • Email is dynamically populated with the correct copy based on the subscriber’s language preference



  • Udemy’s marketing team has a more agile process to make changes to their emails cutting down their overall production time

Braze Migration


  • Migrate 139 campaigns and 31 canvases into Braze from Responsys

  • Enable Course Hero team to execute campaigns in Braze that require complex personalization


  • Campaign migration executed utilizing sprint methodology, prioritizing business-critical campaigns first

  • Templatized examples of complex dynamic content blocks created for Course Hero’s most common use cases

  • Shaw/Scott team conducted hands-on training and provided Course Hero with detailed documentation



  • Course Hero team experienced no downtime in campaign execution during migration timeframe





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